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Preferred Roofing, Inc. was formed in 1990 by two very different gentlemen from two very different backgrounds. Mark & Victor met each other while working for another roofing company back in the late 1980s. Mark Hemrick was a 22 year old native of Winston-Salem, NC. and Victor Sanchez Sr. was a 36 year old single father of 2 from El Aguacate San Luis Potosi, Mexico. With only a hard working work ethic and an unwavering perseverance in common, they decided to take a chance with one another and Preferred Roofing was established. Thirty three years later that same hard working determination and unwavering perseverance has made these two gentlemen very well respected in the roofing industry. Over the years they've worked on projects as small as utility sheds and dog houses all the way up to high profile projects for WFU University, Princeton University, UNCG and countless projects for Fortune 500 companies CEOs.

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